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Who won Mater Prize Home lottery No. 271?

When Jessica, the winner of Mater Prize Home lottery No. 271, saw a mysterious message on her Facebook account, she was in disbelief. The message was from Mater Foundation letting her know she might be the latest Mater Prize Home winner.

She also saw a Mater Prize Home Facebook post, looking for the winner and it all started to fall into place.
“I saw online the ‘looking for someone from Greensborough’ Facebook post. I thought, oh my god this is me! I thought honestly after all that time Mater would have re-drawn or something!”
Jessica called Mater Foundation to confirm she was the person we were looking for.
The 23 year old soon found herself the winner of Mater Prize Home lottery No. 271, a luxury, $1.7 million waterfront home on the Gold Coast.
“After the phone call I thought, oh my god I think this is actually real!”
The local from the small country town of Stawell in Victoria is looking to move to Queensland and hopefully bring her close family members with her.
“We definitely have thought about moving up to Queensland and giving it a good go. My brother’s just had his first kid and we’re all very close so it’s hard for us to detach if we move up north. We might have to coax them to move up with us. We’re interested in giving it a go and making a change, a good change. It’s kind of hard to pass the Gold Coast lifestyle up really, it’s so pretty.”
Jessica signed up as a VIP in October 2016 through a Mater representative at the supermarket one day.
“What really made me sign up as a VIP, was that it wouldn’t break the bank. He worked out the best monthly payment option for me that could help Mater patients, where it wouldn’t be affecting me too much. I was like, you know what? I might as well.”
It was a good thing she decided to buy a ticket. This win for Jessica will be life-changing.
For over 60 years, the Mater Prize Home lottery has been making dreams come true for some of our luckiest supporters who have won amazing million dollar prize home packages. You could be the next big winner of Mater Prize Home. Buy tickets today!
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